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Pat Lundy

Love, Love, Love - From the Broadway Production ´´Love, Love, Love´´

Only Love Spoken Here

Tonjua Hawkins

The Supremes Medley (Stop In The Name Of Love / Baby Love / You Can´t Hurry Love)

The Hot Vegas Show

Luther Vandross

Medley: How Deep Is Your Love/Love Don´t Love Nobody - Album Version

Never Let Me Go

Costa Cordalis

Nimm das nächste Schiff nach Rhodos (I Love, I Love, I Love You)

Seine Grössten Erfolge

A-Type Player

I Love You Love Me Love - Karaoke Version In the Art of Gary Glitter

Various Pop Songs, Vol. 23 - Karaoke Planet

Caetano Veloso

Love Love Love - Remixed Original Album

Muito (Dentro Da Estrela Azulada) - Remixed Original Album

Terry Knight

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Terry Knight And The Pack/Reflections

Jolin Tsai

Love Love Love - Album Version

Jolin´s Final Wonderland

Jolin Tsai

Love Love Love - Album Version

Dancing Queens Collection

Mindy Quah

Love Love Love - Album Version

Love Me

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